Doomherre is a doom metal trio founded in the heart of Stockholm/Sweden by Daniel Strachal, Victor Takala, and Max Collin.

Our Sound
Picture this: the essence of Trouble, the weight of Candlemass, and the groove of The Obsessed—blended with our unique vibe. ”Bonegoat,” our debut, keeps one foot in the past while stepping into the modern sounds of doom, sludge, and stoner metal.

Every note, every riff—it’s all us. We didn’t just start a band; we built our dream. From recording with friends to launching our own label, Skatbo Records, to steering through PR and advertising, it’s all hands-on from all of us.

Why Doomherre?
We’re longtime friends creating heavy metal from the streets of our hometown. Doomherre isn’t just about doom metal; it’s a shared passion of the underground, a world we’ve been part of for most of our lives. We’re just like you!

The Doomherre members

  • Victor Takala: Guitar and Vocals
    Past Bands: Eyekon, Katatonia (Session guitarist), The Broke.
  • Daniel Strachal: Drums
    Past Bands: Brainwarp (later evolving into Nihilist and eventually Entombed), Lobotomy, Blindfold, Duelbarrel.
  • Max Collin: Bass
    Past Bands: Votary (featuring Masse Broberg from Hypocrisy and Dark Funeral), Lobotomy, Blindfold, Scars.



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Album out now on all platforms and CD/LP.


What others say about us

An almost ageless, yet highly traditional feast for the doom senses, give your allegiance to Doomherre.

Stoner Hive

There’s no point in trying to get around it; “Bonegoat” is doom, it is pure doom, a doom that does not forget to be the son of rock, the grandson of the blues… and this, in the end, is exactly what makes this album an absolute pleasure!

A very strong debut from a band that clearly is already on the right path to what they aim to achieve.

Metal Temple

Doomherre have the potential to take this genre forward and bring it back to mainstream attention.

PowerPlay Magazine

The band knows very well how to include different styles such as Stoner and Thrash metal in their musical formula and deliver high quality material that deserves your attention! Extremely recommended!

Metal Junkbox

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For media inquiries, please contact:
Max Collin: max [at]

For questions about distribution and wholesale prices or licensing our music, please contact:
Daniel Strachal: daniel [at]

For questions about booking, please contact:
Victor Takala: victor [at]

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